Company in Brief

BAT stands for System Integrator for Industrial Equipment,
a business unit under PT. Sinar Mutiara Cakrabuana,
focusing on Engineering, System Integration, and Factory Automation.

BAT Product Range consists of Industrial Equipment within various industry and proccess such as SPM, Automation, Robotic System, JIG, and Hydraulic Power Pack.

Our Facilities

As an engineering company, quality control is critical. With our high end facilities, we can assure the products and services will undergo series of quality checkpoints from design process, parts manufacturing process until final inspection, done by skilled and experienced engineer.

CMM Mitutoyo

Milling Makino

Wirecut Chairmille/Mitsubishi

Finance/Admin Team

Designer Team

Internal Meeting

Our Valuable Customer

Grow together to meet the business challenge, we maintain strong network with partners in developing core technology, acquiring technology and competence, updating engineering experience as well as global sourcing, expanding capacity, establishing authorized system builder & integrator, and establishing authorized technical support & distributor.